Form Controls panel

Use this for easy navigation through form fields, or to review and change individual form field properties.

This panel is available from the Panel bar when you select the following tool:

Form Controls icon

If you do not see this tool, right-click in an empty area of the Panel bar and select it.

The panel lists all active fields in a form page by page. Double-click a field item in the list to have it highlighted and display its properties (attributes, actions and others) for review and/or modification.

The panel offers the following tools:

  • Form Typer icon Click to run Form Typer through a static form.

    Note If you run Form Typer on a document that already has active form fields, these will be deleted.

  • Delete icon Click to delete all form controls in the current document. Use this tool with care; deleting all form controls cannot be undone.

  • Options icon Click the Options tool to view a shortcut menu giving access to the two previous tools and to Preferences and Settings.

    • Use Preferences to specify whether the Form panel should be displayed when Form Typer processes a form. If yes, make it appear before or after Form Typer is run.

    • Use Settings to specify OCR language for the static form to be activated and to enable or disable font resizing when a respondent fills in a text field. This allows longer responses to be immediately visible.

Note The Form Controls panel will automatically display if you run Form Typer through a static form, and you have not previously marked the "Do not show this panel automatically"' item under Options > Preferences.

Tip You can also run Form Typer from the Form ribbon by clicking its icon.

See also: Form Design for use with Form Typer. This provides advice on good form design that helps Form Typer minimize the need for post-editing.

Data transfer between forms

You can export data from a form and import data into one from an existing data file.

Form data transfer is done using XFDF files. For best results, use the export-import process between forms with highly similar/identical layout. See Importing and Exporting Form Data for details.

Important Do not edit form controls or run Form Typer on a form with active XFA controls.