Set up and run an accessibility check

  1. Compliance icon Open the Compliance panel.
  2. Options icon Open the Options drop-down list and select Accessibility.
  3. Compliance icon Click the Start Check tool. The Accessibility Checker Options dialog box offers more than 30 items that can be checked, arranged in four categories. To switch to another category, select it from the Category list. Select the items to check. Keep the option Show these choices when the Checker is started to review the settings before each check, or clear the option to apply your choices to future checking. Click OK.
  4. The check runs and a list of all checked items is displayed with one of the following status indicators:
    • Compliance icon Passed

    • Passed icon Warning: The item has not failed, but something deserves attention.

    • Information icon Information: This may mean the test was not requested so it was skipped.

    • Fail icon Fail: You need to fix this issue automatically or manually to ensure accessibility.