Add sounds

To embed sound files into your PDF proceed with the following steps:

  1. Sound icon Select the Sound tool from Edit > Insert > Sound.

    WAV and MP3 files are accepted, see Edit for details.

  2. Use the mouse to drag a rectangle on the page, where to display the sound embed.
  3. Provide details under Media Settings and Cover Settings.
    1. Select PDF version compatibility level in the Compatibility list.
    2. Click Browse and use the Open dialog box to select the file type and the file to to add.
    3. Select the application or file type in the Content Type list.
    4. Select Embed media in document to save the added file into the PDF.

      Important If you do not embed the file, it is linked: both the PDF and the linked file must remain in their locations for the link to work.

    5. Select the source for the media content cover in the Cover list. If you selected Create cover from file, then click Browse and select a picture file to use.
    6. Click OK.