About the Edit Text tool

Edit Text icon

The Edit > Modify > Edit Text tool allows you to make minor text revisions to a PDF document, including modifications to attributes, font type, size, fill color, etc.

Note If the PDF document is secured to prevent editing, this tool is not available unless you get permission from the author. See Digital ID Settings.
Important Using this tool might change how the document reflows and may make the document less accessible to the visually impaired.

If the related fonts are not available in your system or it is not embedded in the document then you need to confirm font substitution. See Embedding Fonts.

Make limited text edits, even over multiple lines of text. Larger modifications to PDF page content are better made using the Advanced Edit mode.

Note Editing should be kept to a minimum because the PDF format is mainly for document exchange, distribution and publishing, not for large-scale text revision.
Note The Edit Text tool cannot be used with form fields.