About the Panel bar

The Panel bar is always visible on the left, except when full-screen view is selected. Resize the panel area by dragging the right separator bar. Exit the Panel area by clicking the close control (x) at the top right.

The Panel bar always displays two useful tools at the top:

Hand icon Hand: Use as the basic navigation pointer. Select it to finish the use of any other tool. Specify the Hand tool behavior in File > Options > General > Miscellaneous.

Select icon Select: Use to select a text block or an image to edit or export properties.

Beneath these two tools, a customizable set of Panel tools is displayed. Each document can have its own set of visible panel bar tools. By default, the following tools are available.

Bookmarks icon Bookmarks: Place bookmarks manually or automatically from a heading hierarchy.

Pages icon Pages: See and work with a set of thumbnails: one for each page in the document.

Stamps: View a customizable stamp collection and place stamps onto documents.

Attachments icon Attachments: Access and work with a list of all attachments in the document along with added information.

Comments icon Comments: Access a list of all comments in the document, and reply to them, set their status, etc.

Security icon Security: Create and apply security schemes covering password and certificate security.

Auto-recovery icon Auto-recovery: View a list of files for which changes could be lost following an abnormal program termination.

Clip Art icon Clip Art: View a customizable clip art collection and place art into documents.

If you do not see a desired tool, right-click in an empty space on the Panel bar and select it. Remove the checkmark from any panels you do not need. Click Reset Panels to restore the basic panels shown above.

Here are additional options:

Collaboration icon Collaboration: Share your document for co-editing over the LAN (Local Area Network). See LAN Collaboration panel for details.

Compliance icon Compliance: Test file compliance against PDF/A standards or accessibility criteria. Available in Power PDF Advanced only.

Destinations icon Destinations: Place and manage destinations in your documents for easier navigation.

Envelope icon Envelope: Create and manage envelopes, used to send groups of files with a cover page and optional security protection.

Form controls icon Form controls: List all form controls in the document.

Layers icon Layers: Show and work with all layers in the current PDF document.

Model Tree icon Model Tree: See the structure of 3D objects in the document along with their properties and values.

Signatures icon Signatures: View, verify and work with all digital signatures in the document.

Sign/Certify icon Sign / Certify: View and apply signature schemes.

Tag icon Tag: Create or modify tags for the document or change tag labels.

Watermarks icon Watermarks: View, create, reset, import and export watermarks.

An AutoStore panel displays when an integration for this storage system becomes available and is installed on the local computer.