Hide and show program window components

Proceed with the following tasks to hide and show tabs or panels.

Hide and show tabs

  1. Select and double-click a tab to hide it; double-click again to restore the tab.
    Note Use the PDF settings under Initial View to show or hide the ribbon and tabs. If you receive such a PDF document with hidden tabs, press F9 to restore them.

Hide and show panels from the Panel bar

By default. only seven tools are shown in the panel, but more are available.

  • Click a tool in the Panel bar to display its panel. If you do not see a tool you need, right-click for a shortcut menu and select the one you need. Use this menu also to hide unneeded tools.
  • To hide a vertical panel, click its button in the Panel bar again or click the close control (x) at the top-right of the panel.
  • Move the divider at the right of the panel area to change the amount of screen area used by the panel.