Print documents

Use this procedure to set preferences for using a physical printer.

The program is not dependent on printer resident fonts, printer memory, or versions of printer drivers. The key is that if you can display the PDF on screen, you can expect to print it without a problem.

  1. Click File > Print to open the Print dialog box.

    The preview area shows the size of the paper and how PDF pages appear when printed on it.

  2. In the Name list in the Printer section, select a printer.
  3. Optionally, click Properties to set printer-specific options.

    The printer type and the current status are displayed for information.

  4. In the Print Content list, select what to print.
    • Document and Comments: Select to include comments on the printout. See Print with comments for information on how to print a detailed comment summary.

    • Document Content

    • Form fields only

  5. In the Print Range section, specify which pages to print.
    1. Select an option: All pages, Current page, Current view, or Page range.
    2. In the Subset list, select a subset if a multi-page range was specified: All Pages, Odd Pages, or Even Pages.
    3. Optionally, select Reverse pages to print pages in reverse order.

    Note It is possible to print multiple page ranges, including single pages. Use the usual syntax such as 3-6, 12, 17-24; or use Document Assembly mode to select pages before sending them to print.

  6. In the Copies box of the Print Handling section, specify how many copies to print.
    If you specify more than one copy, then a Collate check box appears.
  7. Select Collate to arrange multiple copies into separate documents.
  8. In the Zoom list, select how PDF pages should be scaled on the paper:
    • None: Do not scale the pages.
    • Fit to paper: Scale pages to fit in the paper currently available in the printer. Usually you can select different paper sizes in the Printer Properties dialog box.
    • Shrink large pages: Reduce large pages to fit the selected paper size.
    • Select paper by PDF page size: Select the paper tray according to the page size: this feature is printer-dependent.
    • Split pages to multiple sheets: Print oversized pages onto multiple sheets.
    • Multiple pages per sheet: Print multiple pages onto one sheet. You can decide how many pages to combine.
  9. Select Auto-Rotate and Center to rotate and center the page according to the paper size and layout.
  10. Select Remove Margins to print the document without margins.
  11. Select Print on both sides of the paper to print with duplex, then select an option:
    1. Flip on long edge
    2. Flip on short edge
  12. Select Print as image to save PDF pages as images, for instance to move them to a printer at a different location.
  13. Select Print to file to save the PDF pages in a file. Name your file in the Print to File dialog box.
  14. Click Imposition to specify settings for preparing a PDF document for use in a print shop.