Digital ID settings

IDs and Certificates

Select Security > IDs and Certificates > Manage Digital IDs to access Digital ID settings.

The navigation tree on the left is minimized, with Digital IDs selected. On the right, the names, issuers, expiry dates and sources of available Digital IDs are listed.

  • Click Add ID to browse for an existing Digital ID or to create a Self-Signed Digital ID.

  • Click Refresh to update the list to include IDs from other sources, if any.

  • Click Certificate Details to view settings for the selected ID.

  • Click Export Certificate to save it to a file or to send it to one or several specified addresses by email.

  • Click Remove ID to exclude the selected ID from the list, if it is not currently in use. Confirm removal by clicking OK.

Expand the Digital IDs navigation tree on the left to separately show both types of sources and do one of the following:

  • Select Windows Digital IDs to display the IDs on the right. Select one ID to perform actions as indicated above.

  • Select Digital ID Files to display the IDs on the right. Select one ID to perform the following actions:

    • Toggle between Logout or Login. When logging in, you are requested to enter the password.

    • Click Change Password to replace the existing password with a new one.

    • Click Password Timeout and specify whether a password is needed for signing. If so, is it needed every time you sign a document, or when you sign during a specified time interval.

    • Click Add File to browse for an existing Digital ID File. Click Open to include it in the Digital ID File list.

In the left window, select Directory Servers to access an LDAP server or Time Stamp Server to manage sources for time stamps. See Time Stamping a Digital Signature.