Security tab

Use the settings on the Security tab to set preferences related to redaction, document signing and certification, general security, IDs and certificates, and more.

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Redaction group

This group is available only in Power PDF Advanced.

Mark Redaction icon Mark Redaction: Mark selected text blocks to be redacted at a later time, such as after review.

Apply Redaction icon Apply Redaction: Make all text previously marked for redaction permanently unreadable. This command cannot be undone, so before using Apply Redaction you should save a copy of the document if you will need access to its original content.

Search and Redact icon Search and Redact: Search redaction candidates in one or more documents, and search one or more words or phrases or using search patterns. The results appear in a list; indicate for each whether to ignore, mark for redaction or perform immediate redaction.

Redaction Properties icon Redaction Properties: Specify display details for the appearance of redacted areas: rectangle color and overlay text, including the use of redaction codes. Author name and subject can also be set.

Sign and Certify group

Handwritten signature icon Handwritten signature: Place a predefined image containing your handwritten signature on the PDF page or draw or type a signature and manage the collection of this type of signatures. This signature type offers no security protection.

Sign icon Sign: Place a digital signature on the current page. Select Sign and click in the page to insert an invisible signature. Draw a rectangle of sufficient size to insert a visible signature. The Sign Document dialog box lets you specify the Digital ID certificate to use.

Time Stamp icon Time Stamp: Open the Time Stamp dialog box to select an existing time stamp service to use for the current document, or add a new service. To manage time stamp services, use the settings in the IDs and Certificates group. See Time Stamping a Digital Signature.

Certify icon Certify: Use the drop-down list to select whether your signature should be visible or invisible. This command allows you to partly or completely restrict the permitted actions available to recipients of this document. See Signing and Certifying Documents.

Document Signatures icon Document Signatures: Work with signatures in the current document. Add your digital signature to a signature field, clear all signature fields, verify a signature and if it is not valid, see the changes made after the signature was applied.

DocuSign icon DocuSign: Use signatures managed by DocuSign in your documents. You may sign or send documents via DocuSign.

SignDoc icon SignDoc: Use signatures managed by SignDoc in your documents. You may sign or send documents via SignDoc .

Security group

Clean Document icon Clean Document: Open the Clean Document dialog box, listing elements to remove, in order to protect sensitive information. Click OK to perform the clean operation. For details on what kind of elements to remove with Clean Document, see Remove Document Elements.

Remove Elements icon Remove Elements: Open the Remove Document Elements dialog box to select which elements to remove from a document.

Secure Delivery icon Secure Delivery: Open the Secure Delivery dialog box to review the typical security steps to perform before distributing documents.

Manage Security icon Manage Security: View security properties and a summary of permitted actions. If you have authorization, you can apply password or certificate security and modify or remove security settings.

IDs and Certificates group

Manage Digital IDs icon Manage Digital Identities: View a list of current digital IDs and work with them.

Manage Trusted Identities icon Manage Trusted Identities: See a list of trusted identities and manage related settings.

DRM group

RMS icon RMS Security: The Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Service (RMS) is supported. This tool functions only if your computer has an installed client component for RMS. Use the service to compile a set of names or groups and specify permissions and prohibitions for each of them in relation to the current document. See Security Properties for details.


Signatures: Open the Signatures panel to view a summary of all digital signatures in the document and manage related settings.

Security: Open the Security panel to apply password or certificate security.

Sign/Certify: Open the Sign/Certify panel to view a summary of all saved signature schemes and manage related settings, or to create new signature schemes.