Set up certificate security

To display this wizard, select File > Info and click the heading Properties, or Security > Security > Manage Security and on the Security tab select Certificate Security from the Security Method drop-down list.

Specify settings in the wizard panels

  1. Select the check box if you want to save your settings as a scheme. In this case, specify a scheme name and description and browse for a custom appearance if you wish. Click Next.
  2. Specify the type of document contents you want to encrypt and select an encryption algorithm. Click Next.
  3. Select one or more recipients from your trusted contacts and click Add to define who is allowed to open documents secured with the specified scheme.

  4. Import icon

    Create icon
    Click the Import tool or the Create tool to add existing certificate schemes from other locations, or to create new ones. Click Next.
  5. Click the Set Permission tool to specify a combination of permitted actions for each recipient.
  6. Click the Recipient Details tool to show information about the selected recipient. Click Next.
  7. An information window summarizes most important attributes of the specified scheme. To modify them click Back; to accept them, click Finish.