Sign/Certify panel

The Sign/Certify Panel displays signature schemes available in your system, grouped into Sign Document and Certify Document categories. Applying a signature here means the recipient of a signed document can be confident it originated from you and has not been changed after it was signed. If it has, the recipient can see what has changed. A signed and certified document also allows you to restrict permitted actions: no change allowed, only form filling allowed, or commenting and form filling allowed. In no case is any encryption involved; encryption requires you to use the Security panel and select Certificate Security.

Signature schemes include your Digital ID, certification settings, appearance, and more.

The Sign/Certify panel is available from the Panel bar when you select the following tool:

Sign/Certify icon

If you do not see this tool, right-click in an empty area of the Panel bar and select it.

Use the Sign/Certify panel to do the following:

  • Create icon
    Create a new signature scheme using the New Signature Scheme Wizard.

  • Delete icon
    Delete the currently selected Signature scheme or Certification scheme. Multiple selection is not allowed.

  • Options icon
    View a list with more options. The shortcut menu for each Signature Scheme offers the same items:

    • Apply Signature Scheme: Apply a selected scheme to the currently open PDF document. A signature cursor appears so you can draw an area on the page where the signature should be placed. To abandon the process, click the Hand tool at the top of the Panel bar.

    • Create Signature Scheme: Create a signature scheme of your own. For details, see New Signature Scheme Wizard.

    • Delete Signature Scheme: Delete a selected signature scheme. Confirm deletion by clicking OK.

    • Copy Signature Scheme: Copy a selected signature scheme and then modify it. For details, see Security Properties.

    • Edit Signature Scheme: Edit a selected signature scheme, or right-click the scheme to modify and select this action. For details, see Security Properties.

    • View Signature Scheme: View a selected signature scheme. For details, see Security Properties.

See also Security Preferences and Configure Signature Appearance.