About drawing objects

A wide range of drawings can be added to PDF files as comments.

Draw Tools icon Open the Drawing tools drop-down list at Comments > Markup > Draw Tools to access drawing tools. After selecting a tool and drawing the shape, a note box appears where text relating to the shape can be entered. If a two-dimensional shape is drawn over existing text, this appears in the note. Use, delete or modify it as required. A context-sensitive tab activates in case any object selected and you may change object properties.

To understand how each drawing object works and looks, see Drawing tools.

All drawing objects are treated as comments, so they appear in the Comments Panel. See About working with comments to understand how to sort, filter, search, summarize, reply or accept a status and more.

  • Select the Hand tool and right-click any edge of a drawing object to open a shortcut menu. Select Properties to modify object appearance, view its revision history, or redefine its Author and Subject. For more details on drawing object properties, see Annotation and Markup Object Properties.

  • You can add lines or polygons that show screen or scaled measurements.

  • Change drawing objects from annotations to document objects by flattening the document.

  • A Stamp is also treated as a Comment; it can be considered as a predefined drawing object.