Troubleshooting for Power PDF

Page keeps scrolling down whenever I click with the Hand tool

This behavior may be set. Click again to stop the scrolling. If you do not like this, go to File > Options > General > Miscellaneous and change the behavior. Change Scroll down to Do nothing or Page down (a click moves the display half a page down).

Unexpected behavior when I select objects

Select icon Be sure you are using the Select tool at the top of the Panel bar. Use Ctrl with this tool to select multiple objects (for instance to line them up).

Select Area icon The Select Area tool at Edit > Basic does not select objects but screen areas – for instance to copy them as image.

Edited text becomes colored and unreadable

You may have turned on the fill-stroke feature without realizing it, or gave unsuitable values. Click the problem text area and select Properties in the context menu. In the Object Properties dialog box select the Text tab and select No color for Stroke color. To make this feature work well, the font point size must be at least 30 times bigger than Stroke Width.

Bates stamps are not applied

It is possible to specify a page range for stamping; if you specify an invalid range no stamps are applied, even though the Bates stamping is reported as done. Modify or remove the page range.

I cannot select multiple PDF documents to search them

Go to Home and click Search at the right of the tab; select Search Multiple from the drop-down list. Further ways to search multiple files, group them into a portfolio; then you can search all or selected files in the portfolio. Alternatively, copy or move the files to a separate folder and perform a folder search.

I cannot select a folder for a folder search

Select a drive then select Browse at the bottom of the drive list. You may have to scroll down to do this.

I cannot deselect a radio button form control

Radio buttons work only in groups. To make a group, place second and following radio buttons with the same control name as the first one - do this in the control's Properties dialog box. Then the buttons will work; only one per group can be selected.

Creating tagged PDF files

Tagging is not provided as a separate setting when printing to PDF; access it through profiles in Create Assistant. There is a pre-defined profile Tagged PDF, but you can specify tagging within any other profile. Use the Tags panel in Power PDF to tag an existing PDF file. Be aware that tagging is a resource-intensive operation that may take several minutes. Use Esc to cancel a tagging operation.

I cannot see the ribbon or any tabs

It is possible to define the appearance of the program window for a PDF file, under File > Info. Click the heading Properties and then the drop-down menu item Advanced Properties. Select Initial view. You may have received the PDF from someone who suppressed the Menu bar with the tabs. Press F9 to restore them. Another reason might be that Full Screen display is set. Press Esc to exit that view.

I floated a tab and cannot re-dock it

Click the tab and drag it back to the ribbon area. When pale red shading appears, drop it. If you drag the tab by the title bar of its window, it remains floating.

I cannot close the Search Current Document dialog box

You may have moved to a different document. Move back to the document you were searching; then the dialog box can be closed.

I cannot enter Advanced Edit mode

Your PDF may have security protection against modification. Use the Security tab to access the Security Properties and remove the protection, if you have the right to do so.