Envelope panel

The Envelope panel shows envelopes for e-mail packages available in your system. Envelopes, as a rule, are single-page PDF or image files.

The Envelope panel is available from the Panel bar when you select the following tool:
Envelope icon

If you do not see this tool, right-click in an empty area of the Panel bar and select it.

At the top of the Envelope panel are three tools available from the Options menu.

  • Figure 1. Create
    Create icon

    Create an envelope or select it from the Options list; or right-click in the Envelope panel and select it from the shortcut menu to call the Create Envelope dialog box. For details, see Creating Custom Envelopes

  • Figure 2. Delete
    Delete icon
    Select an envelope and click this tool or select Delete from a menu. Multiple selection is not allowed. Confirm deletion by clicking OK.

  • Figure 3. Options
    Options icon
    Options View a list with more options, such as:
    • Apply: Apply the selected envelope to an open PDF document. The same function is performed if you double-click an envelope, or right-click it and select Apply. For details, see Secure Delivery.

    • Edit: Use for the selected envelope, or right-click the envelope to modify and select Edit. For details, see Creating Custom Envelopes.

    • Reduce/Enlarge Envelope Thumbnails: Change thumbnail sizes to optimally fit in the panel.

    • Reset Envelope: You can edit or delete envelopes. Use this to restore the default set of predefined envelopes to either replace the current envelope set or to be added to it.

Note Selecting an envelope is part of the Secure Delivery process.

See also: Envelopes Overview.