Navigate in the Panel bar

Use the keyboard to navigate the Panel bar (at left) without a mouse or any pointing device.

For successful keyboard navigation:

  • Press F6 or Alt and the appropriate keyboard shortcut to switch between the ribbon area, Panel bar, View bar, or Quick Access toolbar. The selected icon or list item is displayed with a gray background or a color border. Switch to the Panel bar.
  • If no panel is open, press Tab to switch between Panel bar buttons. Press Enter to open or close a panel when the focus is on the required panel button.
  • As a panel in the Panel bar receives focus, the main list area becomes active. Use the arrow keys to navigate in the panel.
  • Press Tab to navigate to the panel toolbar on top of the panel: the first toolbar button becomes active. Press Tab again to move to the next toolbar button.
  • Press Tab on the last toolbar button to go back to the Panel bar buttons on the right. Press Tab again to move to the main list area of the panel.
  • Press Enter to activate the icon or list item that currently has focus.