Start from mail systems

PDF or XPS files attached to mail messages can be used as input for conversions.

Note You can preview PDF files attached to messages, before deciding to open or convert them. A Preview File button appears when a PDF attachment is clicked. Clear the check box Always warn before processing this type of file to allow a click on a PDF file to display it immediately.

Prepare in-mail conversion settings

  1. Settings icon Select the Settings tool in the Kofax PDF tab or in a message window in Outlook.
  2. When the Settings dialog box appears, open the PDF Conversion settings tab and select one of the following:
    • Use Convert Assistant: Preview the attachments.

    • Convert PDF without Assistant: For direct conversions, select a conversion type and target application pair.

    • Convert all attachments or Prompt for selection: Set preferences for messages with multiple attachments.

  3. Click OK to close the dialog box.

Start the conversion in Microsoft Outlook

Verify conversion settings before proceeding with the steps below to start the conversion from Microsoft Outlook. See Prepare in-mail conversion settings for detailed steps.

  1. Select a message that has one or more PDF or XPS attachments.
  2. Click the Convert PDF tool in the Kofax PDF tab, or in the window of a message with at least one PDF or XPS attachment.
  3. If the message has multiple attachments and you requested prompting, select which attachments to convert in the Attached files list dialog box. Click OK.
  4. Conversion with Convert Assistant lets you preview the attachments, using navigation buttons to see multiple files. Change settings if necessary.
  5. Convert all icon Convert Selected icon Click Convert All or Convert selected to group files that will use the same settings.

    A direct conversion starts immediately, with a progress monitor and some tips.

    The converted, editable document is displayed in a target application if requested.