Comments panel

Commenting provides revision tools for people reviewing and sharing documents. You can mark places in your PDF by highlighting sections, drawing, adding notes, lines of text, stamps, and more. For example, you can circle a diagram and add the text Make this diagram bigger. This text will appear when you hover the cursor over the object.

All comments are added to a Comments list in the Comments Panel with a number of convenient tools to manage them. This panel appears in the Panel area.

Comments panel icon Click the Comments tool to open or close the Comments Panel.

The comment list opens with the total number of comments, which is followed by the comments ordered by pages, and each page header displays the number of comments on the page.

The panel has a toolbar on the top. See Comment handling tools for details.

There are several additional features related to comments:

  • You can search for a specified text entry in comments by clicking the Search Comments button. This brings up the Search dialog box, but the search scope is limited to textual comments in the document.

  • Comments with text can be spell checked.

  • You can specify preferences for the appearance of text boxes in your PDF documents by selecting File > Options > Comment.

  • Handwritten signatures can be added to documents from the Security tab. They are handled as stamps, but do not appear in the Stamps panel; they do appear in the Comments panel, so all actions presented above can be applied to them.