Destinations panel

Much like a bookmark, a PDF Destination is a document location that a Destination link points to. Use destinations to build up an internal structure for your PDF to make it easier to navigate in long documents.

The Destinations panel is available from the Panel bar when you select the following tool:

Destinations icon

If you do not see this tool, right-click in an empty area of the Panel bar and select it.

Use the Destinations panel to do the following:

  • Create icon
    Create a new destination

  • Delete icon
    Delete selected destinations.

  • Set Destination icon
    Set the destination to a specified text or page area.

  • Options icon
    Sort destinations by name or page location.

To create a destination, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Create New Destination tool.

  2. Assign a unique name to your Destination.

  3. Select the piece of text or area to use as the Destination.

  4. Click the Set Destination tool.

To go to a destination, open the Destinations panel and double-click on the desired item.