Search with index

An index search offers the following advantages.

  • Search more quickly through folders, because a pre-built index is used.

  • Widen the search by defining a set of folders and subfolders to be searched.

  • Narrow the search, using standard and/or custom defined fields from the PDF Properties.

  1. Search icon Select Home > Search > Search, and then select Search Multiple in the list to display the floating Search panel.
  2. Select any of the search scopes below in the Look In list:
    • Currently Selected Indexes

    • Select Index

    If you selected Select Index then the Index Manager dialog box appears.

  3. In the Index Manager dialog box proceed with the following:
    • If the preferred index is not on the list then click Add and select an index in the Open dialog box.

    • If the Index Manager already lists the index file you want to use, select it, then click OK.
      Note You may select multiple index files.

    From now on, the index or indexes just selected become the Currently Selected Index, appearing in the list below Look In.

  4. Under Search for, select a search type:
    • Single word or phrase

    • Multiple words or phrases

  5. Optionally, click the arrow near the right side of the box to view the list of previous search terms. Select any item and press Enter to start the search.
  6. Optionally, click Advanced to display additional search criteria at the bottom of the window. Select a match type in the Match list. See Match types for details.
  7. Proceed with step 6 on as detailed in Search in multiple documents.

    Note Stemming is one more option in index search. This option is only available when searching index files. Use this option to find all words that have the same root. For example, type in look to find looks, looked, looking. Wildcard characters (such as * or ?) cannot be used with this option.