Callout icon Click the Callout tool at Comment > Annotate to add comments as callouts. Then click on the page to open a callout text box and enter text.

A callout is a text box with an arrow, so it can be handled very similarly.


To change the appearance of the callout, do any of the following:

  • Use the context-sensitive formatting toolbar. The toolbar lets you format the selected text only with the tools in the Font and Paragraph groups, while changes applied in the Color Style and Shape Style groups affect the entire callout.

  • Right-click and select Properties to display the properties dialog box. The changes made here apply to the entire callout. You can specify style, thickness and color for the box border and arrow, a fill color and opacity value for the text box, and a style of the arrowhead. You can also access the Author and Subject, and History tabs. To avoid accidental modification, select the Protected checkbox. For more details on object properties, see Annotation and Markup Object Properties.

See Create and edit text boxes and typewriter texts for details how to select and edit text in a callout.

See Change the formatting of the selected text for details in text formatting in annotation items.