Create PDF files in Microsoft Outlook

While working in Microsoft Outlook, you can create PDF files:

  • From non-PDF file attachments in mail messages, to save on the local computer.
  • From non-PDF files on your local computer, to attach to the current mail message.
  • From one or more mail items, to save as an archive file on the local computer.

The focus of this topic is primarily archiving mail, and it provides useful links to related archiving topics.

Power PDF provides add-ins for Outlook to create PDF files from selected mail items or entire folders. The features are accessible from the Kofax PDF tab when you open Outlook, or from an open Outlook message window.

The Kofax PDF tab in Microsoft Outlook offers the following tools.

Icon Description

PDF Convert icon
Convert PDF: Starts a conversion of PDF or XPS attachments with the settings specified in the PDF Conversion settings tab on the Settings dialog box.

Archive folder icon
Archive folder: Archive the currently selected mail folder in the main window to a set of PDF files. This tool is available only in the Outlook main window. See About archiving.

Archive mail icon
Archive mail: Archive the currently selected items to a set of PDF files. See About archiving.

Create PDF from attachments
Create PDF from attachments: Create PDF files from attachments of supported file types. This tool is available in the Outlook main window toolbar only, becomes active only if the current message has at least one attachment of a file type suitable for conversion to PDF. See Creating PDF files from mail attachments.

Attach file to mail as PDF
Attach file to mail as PDF: Convert a local file to PDF and attach it to an outgoing mail or reply. You must select a mail message to use this option.

Settings icon
Settings: Set preferences for creating, archiving and converting PDF files.

The Kofax PDF tab in an Outlook message window offers the same tools as the main Outlook window, except the Archive folder tool is not available.

For more details on archiving, see:

About Archiving

Archiving Outlook Items into Separate Files

Merging Outlook Items into one PDF

Creating a PDF Package from Outlook Items

Archiving Folders.

Archive selected Outlook e-mail messages into a single PDF file

To archive selected Outlook messages to a single PDF archive file, proceed with the steps below.
  1. Click the Settings tool.
  2. In the Settings dialog box, select a PDF version and decide how to handle mail attachments, if any. Close the dialog box.
  3. Click the Archive Mail button.
  4. In the Save As dialog box, accept or change the default target folder for archiving and click OK. The name of the created PDF file is generated from the subject of the mail message. The default target folder is Documents\PDF Favorites\Outlook Archive.
  5. Click Save.

    Archiving process starts and when the process is finished, the PDF output file (with attachments, if any) is saved in the target folder.