About saving converted files

The converted file will be saved with the output filename, file type and folder location you selected in Convert Assistant before conversion.

This is true also for direct conversion (except when direct conversion was started with the File > Open command from Microsoft Word). So, if you are not certain your settings are suitable, you should check the output options in the Assistant before starting a direct conversion.

For more information, see Save in Microsoft Word, and Save to a Document Managing System.

Output folder

The default output folder is Documents when you start the program for the first time.

For more information, see Change the default output folder.

Output file name

The output file name will automatically be created from the input file name using a different extension. The output file name extension depends on the selected output format.

Example: You are converting table.pdf containing a lot of tables. The selected processing mode is Spreadsheet and the output format is Microsoft Excel. The result file will be saved as table.xls.

This filename will be offered in the Output Filename edit box where you can change it if necessary.

For more information, see Change the output file name.