Convert pages in Power PDF

Open this dialog box in Power PDF, using any buttons (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, XPS Document, Word Form, WordPerfect Document, MRC PDF or Searchable PDF) in the Convert group and in the Other subgroup on the Home tab.

Do the following to convert the active Power PDF document to the selected editable format.

  1. Define which pages to convert by selecting an option (Whole document, Current Page, Range or Selected Pages). If you select Range, specify the starting and ending page numbers in the From and To boxes.
  2. Optionally, select a Document Management System in the DMS list if you want to upload the converted document.
    1. Select Keep local copy to save the file to your computer or local network.
  3. Optionally, click Settings to launch the conversion settings applicable to the selected format. One of the following dialog boxes appears:
  4. Click OK to proceed with the conversion.