Kofax PDF settings for Word

Creation Settings icon

Click the Creation Settings button on the Kofax PDF tab in Microsoft Word, or select the corresponding menu item to open the Kofax PDF Settings for Word dialog box.

Use this dialog box to transfer bookmarks, links or comments from Word to the resulting PDF file and to have full control over the entire PDF creation process using the Advanced Settings tab.

The dialog box has five tabs:





Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings

Click Advanced Settings and select Embed Metadata if you wish the subject, author, keywords etc. already defined for the Word file to be transferred to the PDF. Any data category not supported by the PDF Document Information structure is added as a custom field. This avoids the need to re-enter existing texts in the Document Settings dialog box. Any data entered there is ignored if Embed Metadata is enabled.

Click the Advanced Settings button on the Advanced Settings tab. The Kofax PDF Create Properties dialog box appears, where you can change settings.