Saving to Document Management Systems

In Create Assistant, (as a component of Power PDF Advanced), you can save created PDF files one at a time to Document Management Systems. Click the Saving button in PDF Create Assistant, and select "Save to DMS" in the destination settings dialog box. If you are making multiple PDF files, you will save them to DMS one-by-one.

Note Dropbox is no longer supported directly in Power PDF. See About Cloud Connectors for details.

The mechanisms for setting up connections to a DMS and selecting between systems and sites is the same as when opening documents from a DMS. Access to SharePoint is done via the Save to SharePoint dialog box that mirrors the Open from SharePoint one. Other DM systems (detailed in the technical specifications) are accessed by their own interfaces.

It is also possible to call on PDF Create from inside SharePoint, eDOCS and iManage Worksite, to create a PDF from a file on the local computer and import it into the DMS. See Work in-place for detailed steps.