Handle movies

Requirements for video embedding:

  • To be able to add MOV and MP4 video, QuickTime should be installed on the system.

  • To play Flash video in PDF files you receive, you will need an adequate version of the Adobe Flash player on your system.

  • Microsoft Silverlight multimedia, graphic, animated or interactive content embedded in PDF files can be played in the program. It allows you to embed Silverlight content into your PDF files, just select the relevant file (extension .xaf). Both actions are possible only if Silverlight is installed on the computer.

    Important When a document with an embedded movie is flattened, the movie is removed; only its icon remains.

  • Hand icon Use the Hand tool to play the movie file and to add the current PDF to the list of trusted documents.
  • To modify multimedia settings, actions and appearance, select the Movie tool again, right-click the embedded content and select the desired command.
  • Open the Files of Type drop-down list in the Open dialog box to see the range of supported file types.

    These include the Windows built-in player, Windows Media Player (such as .wmv, .wmx), Macromedia Flash formats (.spl, .swf) and QuickTime (such as .mov, .mp4).

  • To set movie player preferences, go to File > Options > Movie. Select a preferred media player and accessibility choices (subtitles, dubbed audio, captions and descriptions).
  • Power PDF seeks confirmation when you try to play an embedded movie. Select to trust the document once or add it to a list of trusted documents. You can then return to play movies in a trusted document without the warning. Use the button Remove trusted document list to clear the list. If a trusted document is moved to a new folder, the trust is broken.