Bookmarks from Word

Bookmarks are a group of links pointing to specific destinations, such as different page views, sections in the current document, or other documents. Selected Word headings or styles can be converted to PDF bookmarks with a hierarchy of levels you specify, without disturbing the logical structure of the original Word document.

Bookmarks help readers to browse PDF documents easily, especially when reading a collection of documents.

Creation Settings icon

Click the Creation settings button on the Kofax PDF tab to open the Kofax PDF Settings for Word dialog box. The Bookmarks tab includes the following settings:

Generate Bookmarks, Links, Comments and Tags in resulting PDF file
Select this check box to apply changed settings to future conversions.
Save Word File Before Conversion, if Possible
Save the Word file before conversion. If the file is read-only, this option is ignored.
Bookmark Conversion Settings
To control which Word document elements should be converted into bookmarks, select or clear the following check boxes:
  • Convert Word Headings to Bookmarks: In the output document, each heading becomes a bookmark with the same name as the heading text.

  • Convert Word Styles to Bookmarks: In the output document, a bookmark points to each style change.

  • Convert Word Bookmarks: Power PDF copies Word bookmarks with the output document.

Bookmark - Paragraph Style - Level
All Word headings and styles belonging to the current document are listed here. Select the styles to convert to bookmarks by selecting check boxes in the Bookmark column.
  • Checked (selected):
    Selected icon
  • Unchecked (cleared):
    Cleared icon

Specify a bookmark level (indent) for each style. Bookmarks are organized into a navigation tree with different levels such as the heading structure in Word documents. Select a bookmark, and then click the level number to modify it. The default is 1.

In the lower selection box, you can specify how to display the target page view: retain the source page zoom rate, fit page, fit width, fit height, or fit visible.

You can also select to have bookmarks transferred from Microsoft Excel (one per sheet) and PowerPoint (one per slide).