Cooperation with Jaws

The software Jaws is one of the most widespread screen-reader application used to read texts of interface elements as well as document content. If Jaws is installed on your machine, this program works in close cooperation with it.

When power PDF starts the first time together with Jaws, the Accessibility Options offers the Accessibility pages from the Options panel, aiming to help visually impaired people with quick display setup and screen reader setup.

Having your PDF read out by Jaws is an alternative for the in-built document reading capability of the program. With Jaws running, as soon as a PDF is opened, its content will start to be read out.

Note Parsing the whole PDF document for reading with Jaws may take longer than desired.

For this reading method, the following keyboard actions are available –

  • Left arrow: Read previous word.

  • Right arrow: Read next word.

  • Up arrow: Read previous content element in tag tree.

  • Down arrow: Read next content element in tag tree.

  • CTRL+UP: Read content of previous tag.

  • CTRL+DOWN: Read content of next tag.

  • Page Up: Read first content element of previous page.

  • Page Down: Read first content element of next page.

  • Home: Read first content element of document.

  • End: Read last content element of document.

  • Escape: Cancel reading.

For the full list of supported keyboard shortcuts, visit the Jaws support website.

For more information, see Set up read aloud options for Jaws.