New Signature Scheme Wizard

Sign / Certify icon Use the Sign/Certify tool to open the Sign / Certify panel to display the New Signature Scheme wizard.

Create Signature Scheme icon Then click the Create Signature Scheme tool.

The New Signature Scheme dialog box displays the following pages:

  • Wizard page 1: Provide a title and description for the new scheme, then click Next.

  • Wizard page 2: Identify your digital identity to be used for this signature scheme and select whether or not to certify the document. If you do this, define which actions are allowed:

    • Allow no changes: If any change is made, the signature becomes invalid.
    • Allow form filling only: Form fields can be filled, but any other change invalidates the signature.
    • Allow form filling and comments: Document can be commented to suggest changes, but only the document owner will determine and make the changes.

    More detail is available by selecting the Show signature options check box:

    • Display a reason for the application of the signature. For instance, you are the document author, reviewer or approval agent. If no reasons are applicable, type in you own text.
    • Optionally display a location to better identify yourself.
    • Optionally display your contact information.

    Click Next or Back to move through the Wizard.

  • Wizard panel 3: Define signature appearance: select Standard Appearance or any other existing appearance, or create a new one.
    • To define a new appearance, select the one closest to your needs or click New. The selected appearance becomes your basis in the Configure Signature Appearance dialog box.
    • Any existing appearance except Standard Appearance can be edited, also using the Configure Signature Appearance dialog box.
    • Set default width and height for your signature displays.
    • Click Back or Finish to move through the Wizard.

When finished, your new scheme appears in the Sign / Certify panel, in the category Sign Document (signed only) or Certify Document (signed and certified).