Change link properties and actions

  1. Link icon Select icon Right-click a link with the Link tool or the Select tool.
    The context menu appears.
  2. Select the appropriate command according to your preference:
    • Edit: Cut, copy or delete the link.

    • Center: Move the link to the center of the page.

    • Set as default properties: Use the current properties as link defaults.

    • Properties: Change properties or the associated actions.

      Note Select the Protect check box to freeze the link and protect it from accidental changes.

    • Align: Line up all selected links to the left, right, top or bottom of the link with the shortcut menu.

    • Distribute: Arrange links equally on the page.

    • Size: Change the height and / or width of all selected links to that of the link with the shortcut menu.

    Note The Align, Distribute, and Size settings work only with multiple links selected.