Attachments panel: Open the Attachments panel to add or manage attachments to the current document.

Envelope panel: Open the Envelope panel to view your envelopes and create new ones. These can be applied to PDF documents and are also a part of the Secure Delivery process.

Layers panel: Open the Layers panel to import a new layer or view and work with existing ones.

Tag panel: Open the Tag panel. where you can view tags, create tags manually or automatically.

Clip Art panel: Open the Clip Art panel to place a clip art picture in the document or create new custom clip arts.

Model Tree panel: Open the Model Tree panel to view and work with the structure of 3D objects.

Auto Recovery panel: Use this to see a list of recovered files. Go to File > Options > General > Auto Save to set the frequency of auto-saving. The default is every ten minutes.

Compliance Checker panel: In Power PDF Advanced, open the Compliance panel to run a check on compliance with variants of the PDF/A standard or with accessibility criteria. Some issues can be solved automatically.