Navigation in documents

To navigate in PDF documents, you can use the following tools:

Panels useful for navigation

Bookmarks icon Open the Bookmarks panel and click a bookmark to display a chapter or a section. Use the plus sign to expand a bookmark and the minus sign to collapse it.

Pages icon Open the Pages panel and click a page thumbnail to display a page. Resize the red rectangle to see specific parts of a page.

Destination icon Open the Destinations panel and double-click a destination to jump to a location within a document.

  • Attachments icon Use the Attachments panel to display a file attached to your currently opened document. Open the Attachments panel and click the file attached.

  • Previous icon Use the Previous View tool in the View tab to go back to the main document.

Navigation buttons in the View bar

To navigate a document:

  • Use the First Page, Previous Page, Next Page or Last Page buttons in the View bar.

  • Use the Previous View or Next View buttons in the View tab.

  • Use keyboard shortcuts (press and hold Alt to see them).

To go to a specific page:

  • Type a different page number in the View bar control and press Enter.