Text boxes and text editing

This topic gives practical guidance on using the Text Box tool and the Edit Text tool, and explains how they differ from each other. Spell checking is available for both tools.

Text Boxes and Callouts are annotations. Therefore, they appear in the Comments panel, accept replies and conversations, have a review status and can be migrated. Text items do not appear in the Comments panel.

Note You can change Text Boxes from annotations to document objects (so they become like typewriter text) with the command Flatten Document. Delete them by Removing Document Elements. Typewriter text is not affected by flattening or removing document elements.

Text Box icon Click the Text Box tool at Comment > Annotate to make comments that remain visible, in contrast to Notes that can be shrunk to an icon. Drag a window and enter text. The text box expands to accept longer text. When entering a text, make a selection and use the context-sensitive formatting toolbar to modify text properties.

Hand icon Use the Hand tool or the Text Box tool to select an existing text box and double-click to change the text. To change text properties, use the context-sensitive formatting tab. To specify default values for text boxes, select File > Options > Comment.

To set text properties quickly, without using the formatting tab, right-click the selected section in the text box, click ext Style in the shortcut menu, and then apply any format (Bold, Italic, Underline, Superscript, Subscript).

Tip See the shortcut menu under Text Style for standard keyboard shortcuts for quick text formatting.

Select icon Use the Select tool or the Hand tool at the top of the Panel bar to move or resize a text box. To change its appearance, right-click and select Properties to specify border style, thickness and color, a fill color, and an opacity value for the text box. You can also access the text box Author, Subject and History properties. To avoid accidental modification, select the Protected check box. For more details on object properties, see Annotation and Markup Object Properties.

Tip Callout icon Click the Callout tool at Comment > Annotate instead of the Text Box tool, to add an arrow-headed line pointing from the text box to a place on the page.

Text added as a Text Box or a Callout remains as annotations.