About the panel bar in Advanced Edit mode

The panel area has fewer choices in Advanced Edit mode than in Review mode. The following panels are available in Advanced Edit mode:

Styles icon Styles: This panel lists all paragraph styles found in the document. Create, delete or modify styles.

Document Map icon Document Map: This panel lists all heading styles found in the document. This has content only if the document contains styles called Heading 1, Heading 2 etc. It serves only to view the heading hierarchy. Use the Styles panel to make changes.

Graphics: Select and insert graphics from a library with three categories: Basic shapes, Lines and Stars. A tool allows freehand shapes to be drawn.

Clip Art icon Clip Art panel: Identical to the panel in Review mode.

Auto Recovery icon Auto-recovery: Identical to the panel in Review mode.

In Advanced Edit mode, the Panel bar does not include the Select tool. To select items, use the tool at Home > Edit. The Select tool is by default also placed in the Quick Access toolbar.