View tab

Use the View tab controls to adjust the appearance of documents in the viewing window.

Tip To find tools in other tabs, see Ribbon, tabs and panels or use the Find a Tool function at the top right.

Zoom group

Zoom In and Out icons Zoom In and Zoom Out: Zooming moves typically between 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 200 and 400%.

Loupe View icon Loupe View: View a page area at extreme magnification.

Dynamic Zoom icon Dynamic Zoom: Move cursor up to zoom in, down to zoom out.

Use the drop-down list of the Zoom to control to move to a magnification value (as listed above) or type in your own value.

Page View group

Scroll Options icon Scroll Options: Select a display style from the drop-down list; see single pages, all pages in a scroll with one or two pages horizontally.

Page Fit Options icon Page Fit Options: Set pages to appear at a fixed magnification or zoom to remain fitting in the document panel when it is resized, either with the width or with the whole page always remaining visible.

Full Screen icon Full Screen: Display the current document in the full screen with only three controls: Next page, previous page and Exit Full screen.

Rotate View icon Rotate View: Temporarily rotate the page view 90% to left or right. This rotates only the page view; it does not rotate the real PDF page: for that use Home > Pages > Rotate.

Previous and Next icons Previous View, Next View: Return to previous views of the current document. Once this is done, use Next View to move forward in the views.

Note The View bar also offers a Full Screen tool with two viewing options:
  • Fit to page and show single pages.

  • Fit width and scroll pages continuously.

New group and tool

New icon New Window: Open a copy of the current document in a new window, allowing it to be modified and saved to a new name. To create a new empty document, use File > New > Blank PDF.

Display Theme group

Change Skin icon Change Skin: Click to drop down this menu and select from the available user interface skins: Purple, Dark Gray, Light Gray, or Blue.

Current Window group

Split icons Horizontal, Vertical and Quad Splits: Splitting a document view is typically useful for transferring content from one part of a document to another. Click a tool again to remove the split.

All Windows group

Cascade and Tile icons Cascade, Tile: Arrange all open document windows in a cascade, or tiled horizontally or vertically.

Close All icon Close All: Close all open documents, prompting to save any changes, but keeps the program window open with no document loaded.