Search in multiple documents

The Search floating window provides advanced search options.

To search in multiple documents, proceed with the following steps.

  1. Search icon Select Home > Search > Search, and then select Search Multiple in the list to display the floating Search panel.
  2. Select the search scope in the Look In list:
    • Current Document

    • Selected documents in PDF package

    • The entire PDF Portfolio

    • Selected folder

    • Currently Selected indexes

    • Select Index

    1. Select a folder or one or more indexes where appropriate.
  3. Under Search for, select a search type:

    Note See Searching by Patterns and Masks for details.

    • Single word or phrase

    • Multiple words or phrases

    • Looks Like Search™: Pre-defined patterns, such as US Social Security numbers, phone numbers, credit card numbers, E-mail addresses, and dates). See Patterns and masks for details.

    • Looks Like Search™: Custom-defined patterns (arbitrary masks). See Search by custom pattern (mask) for details.

  4. Proceed according to your selection made above.
    • To search a single word or phrase, enter any words, word fragments, or phrases of interest.

    • To search multiple words or phrases, click Select Words and compile a search list.

    • To search by pattern, select the desired pattern from the list.

    • To search by custom-defined pattern, enter the pattern using the syntax shown.

  5. Optionally, click the arrow near the right side of the box to view the list of previous search terms. Select any item and press Enter to start the search.
  6. Select search options.
  7. Click an item to display the page with the search result highlighted. The number of occurrences is displayed in the bottom-right of the result list.

    If you searched in packages or portfolios, then the results are displayed in a hierarchical list.

    • Click the preceding + sign to open an item.

    • Click a file to see its found occurrences.

    • Click an item to view its page.

  8. Click Stop if necessary to cancel searching.
  9. Optionally, click the floppy-like tool (Save Results icon) and select Save results to PDF or Save Results to CSV, depending on the preferred format.

    The Save as dialog box shows up, restricted to the file format you just selected. Specify the path and the filename, then click Save to save your search results.

Click New Search to start a new searching process.