Output formats and options

There are five output formats you can select from. There is a close relationship between the processing modes (based on document types) and the output formats.

Output formats

To select an output format, use the Options menu or the drop-down list of the Output tool. The delivery default output format is Microsoft Word. The icon shows the current target. On program restart it shows the last-used target.

If you select an output format which is not supported by the selected processing mode, the program automatically changes the processing mode to keep it synchronized with the selected output format.

The Output tool may one of the following appearances on the toolbar, depending on the last selected target:

Table 1. Output tools
Output tool Appearance Output format Suitable for

Word icon
Microsoft Word Standard Document, Legal and Form

WordPerfect icon
Corel WordPerfect Standard Document and Legal

Excel icon
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

PowerPoint icon
PowerPoint Standard Document

RTF icon
Rich Text Format Standard Document, Legal and Form

The following table indicates the relationship between document types and output formats.

Table 2. Document types and output formats
Document type Supported output format
Standard Document Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format, PowerPoint and Corel Word Perfect
Legal Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format and Corel Word Perfect
Spreadsheet Microsoft Excel
Form Microsoft Word and Rich Text Format

Output options

Click the Output tool to display the Output Options panel.

Most of the Output Options panel controls are the same for all four output formats, and the setting values apply to all targets – unlike the processing mode settings that are stored separately for each mode.

Note Although PDF Convert no longer supports running on Windows XP or integraton with Office 2003 products, it can create results in the older file types doc and xls. To achieve this, clear the check box Generate Office 2007/2010 output. All PowerPoint output is to the pptx file type, and the choice does not appear for WordPerfect and RTF output.