Manage favorites

Use the Favorites feature to have direct access to frequently used PDF files stored on your local computer or a network server you can access. Add PDF files to Favorites and manage them.

Add a file to Favorites

  1. Favorites icon
    Select Advanced Processing > File > Favorites and select Add to Favorites.
  2. In the Location/URL field of the Add to Favorites dialog box, the currently active open PDF file name is displayed. To add a different file, click Browse and navigate to it or type in a URL if the file is from an Internet site. Files can be added to Favorites one by one.
  3. In the Collection list, select a category for the file, or create a new category by clicking New.

    To prepare empty Collections, clear the Location/URL field before clicking New. The default category is My favorites.

  4. Enter a Description of the PDF file if desired.
  5. Click OK to add the file.

As you add Favorites, the drop-down menu lists all specified Collections and files. Click any of them to open it.

Organize favorites

  1. Select Advanced Processing > File > Favorites and select Manage Favorites from the drop-down menu.
  2. In the Manage Favorites dialog box, click a Collection name on the left to view its files on the right.
  3. Organize the selected favorite collection with the following commands:
    • Click Create to add a new Collection.

    • Click Delete to remove the selected one.

    • Right-click a Collection and use the commands in its context menu to rename it or to add a new PDF file to it. Another way to add a PDF file to the selected Collection is to click New.
  4. Select a PDF file and select Edit or Remove under the list, or right-click the file for its context menu with further options such as moving to a different Collection, e-mailing, or showing the file in its source folder.
  5. View the attributes of the selected PDF file in the bottom right-side information area.