Password dialog box

The Password dialog box appears if you try to open a protected PDF file.

A set of selected files to open in one operation may have different file protection (open and/or permissions password, security settings).

This dialog box serves not only for entering the required password, but also provides two additional options to facilitate converting protected PDF files.

The Password dialog box informs you which password is required:

  • Open password is sufficient
  • Permissions password is recommended
  • Permissions password is necessary
  • Enter the password in the text box.

You can manage tho following options:

  • Prompt for permission: Turn on to let the program prompt for the permissions password, even if an open password belonging to the file has already been entered during a conversion session. Using the permissions password instead of the open password provides a faster and more accurate result.

    Turn off to let the program use the already entered open password during a conversion session.

  • Add to list: Turn on to add the currently entered password to a password list to be remembered until quitting the program. Then, all further PDF files protected with same password can be freely opened in the current session.

    Turn off to let the program ask for a password each time you open a protected PDF file.

  • Skip All: Press to cancel the password dialog box and prevent it from appearing again during the current session. All unprotected files are opened. Protected files are opened only if their passwords have previously been stored in the password list.