About starting from a Document Management System

When PDF Convert is a component of Power PDF Advanced, you can acquire PDF or XPS files in Convert Assistant from a Document Management System to convert them. Click the arrow beside the Open tool and select a Document Management System (DMS) from the Open drop-down list or the relevant menu item from the File menu.

A DMS name will appear in the Open drop-down list and in the File menu only if it is installed on your computer. You will see one menu item for each detected DMS. See the list of supported DMS programs in the technical specifications.

Power PDF Advanced (including the PDF Convert component) has support for Microsoft SharePoint, providing the necessary interface, consisting of three dialog boxes:

  • Open from SharePoint: This opens a defined SharePoint location, allowing you to select a single PDF or XPS file. The Sites button opens the SharePoint Sites dialog box, so you can move to a different site.

  • SharePoint Sites: This lets you maintain a list of different SharePoint sites. Click Add to call the Connection Settings dialog box.

  • Connection Settings: This lets you provide a server and site name, or a precise URL for a SharePoint site. It also allows one site to be set as default so that future interaction with SharePoint will lead to that site.

All other DM systems are accessed directly through their own user interfaces.

Note The temporary input PDF or XPS file is deleted after the conversion, so it remains only in the DMS, with all its DMS-based security intact.

Note You can also save converted files to DMS locations.

Note It is also possible to convert PDF and XPS files when working inside SharePoint, eDOCS and iManage Worksite. See Converting PDF and XPS Files inside Document Management Systems.