About the Typewriter tool

Typewriter icon Use the Typewriter tool in Edit > Modify to add text at any suitable place on a PDF page. The Typewriter tool enters text directly at the cursor position. When the PDF is saved, the entered text becomes an integral part of the PDF page, unlike text entered as annotations with the Text Box tool.

Text can also be pasted onto a Typewriter tool cursor, which is used to copy text blocks from Normal or Searchable PDF files and paste them into other PDF pages in the same or different documents. Document Assembly view is useful for such operations.

As text is entered or pasted, in-place spell checking is performed if it is enabled under File > Options > Spell Check. Spell checking cannot be run explicitly on typewriter tool text.

Until the PDF is saved, you can move typewriter text; select the Typewriter tool again and click in the text. A surrounding box appears that can be dragged to a new location. Double-click to edit the text.

To change text properties on the selected text, use the context-sensitive TypeWriter Format tab.

Larger changes to real PDF content can be made using Advanced Edit mode.

Edit Text icon You can use the Edit Text tool in the Edit tab to modify typewriter text after saving it. This tool supports editing of existing PDF text.

For more details on the differences between typewriter and box text, see Text Box.