Security preferences

To set preferences for Security Server settings or other settings, select File > Options > Security.

For more information, see Security properties, Sign/Certify panel, and About securing PDF.


  • More: Click to configure Directory Servers or Time Stamp Servers. Select the server type in the left panel.

Security Settings

  • Click Import or Export to load or save your security settings to a proprietary file type; you can select any or all of three categories to import or export:

    • Trust settings

    • Digital Identities - including private keys

    • Server Connection Settings for Directory and Time Stamp Servers.

      Note This import and export was previously done from the Security tab.

  • URL: Loads security setting from this server, if provided.

  • Settings must be signed by: In this list, select how settings files are to be verified by signatures. Select Allow Any Certificate or select any signature scheme you have established. Click Browse to locate the desired scheme.

  • Check every: If you specified a particular scheme, select a frequency for having it checked and settings updated if they have changed. The scheme file must remain at the URL provided.