Search with Boolean operators

A Boolean search of PDF documents provides more search options by letting you combine search criteria in a clearly defined way (using logical operators). It applies only when multiple documents are searched; it does not apply when searching by patterns or masks. When searching for multiple search words or phrases, an OR search is performed; that is, each occurrence of either search string will be reported. This means Boolean operators are no longer needed to do OR-type searches. AND-type searches (where both strings must be present, so fewer results are generated) can only be done with Boolean operators.

To use a Boolean query in a multiple-document search:

  1. Search icon Select Home > Search > Search, and then select Search Multiple in the list to display the floating Search panel.
  2. Select the Select Index item in the Look In list.
  3. Select an index or more indexes in the Index Manager dialog box and click OK.
  4. Click Advanced and select Boolean query in the Match list.
  5. Type the query for the search terms, using Boolean operators and syntax. On building queries, see Advanced search options. See the description of Boolean operators in Boolean operators.
  6. Proceed with step 6 on as detailed in Search in multiple documents.