Integration into DMS

Power PDF Advanced, along with its PDF creation and conversion components, is integrated into three Document Management Systems: Microsoft SharePoint, eDOCS and iManage WorkSite. This uses their client application: Windows Explorer DM Extension for eDOCS, and DeskSite for WorkSite. The integration into SharePoint must be configured by an administrator.

Note In Worldox, Documentum and Xerox DocuShare you cannot open source files directly from your Document Management System. You have to get the source files from the DMS into your file system, to create PDF or convert PDF or XPS file to an editable format.

For more information, see DMS overview.

Integration into Microsoft SharePoint

In this case the precise control text and their locations may vary, because the administrator defines them. Broadly, it is possible to create PDF files from non-PDF files within the DMS or from outside, convert PDF or XPS files from the DMS, typically saving the editable output to the local computer and open PDF files in Power PDF for editing.

For more information, see Specify a SharePoint site name.

Integration into iManage WorkSite

Use the Kofax PDF menu from the Kofax PDF Add-in from the DeskSite client application.

Create PDF
Create a PDF from a source file (including XPS files) that resides inside or outside the DMS. See a list of the supported file types in the PDF Create Assistant topic.
Send PDF in e-mail
Create a PDF from a source file and send it as an e-mail attachment.
Open with Power PDF
Open a copy of a PDF file in the DMS for editing, with the edited result returned to the DMS alongside the source file.
Open with PDF Convert
Use this to convert a PDF or XPS file to editable formats.

Integration into eDOCS

Use the Kofax PDF shortcut menu from the Windows Explorer DM Extension client application. This appears whenever you click a file other than a PDF that is supported by PDF Create. See a list of the supported file types in the PDF Create Assistant topic. The shortcut menu has the same commands as described above.