Set up a watched folder

  1. Watched Folder icon Select Advanced Processing > Batch > Watched Folder > Watched Folder to open the Watched Folder dialog box.
  2. Select the Enable Watched Folder check box at the top of the panel.
  3. Click the Source button and locate the folder to be monitored, with or without subfolders.
  4. Select the file type from the drop-down list. Select all supported file types or only one.
  5. Click the Destination button and locate the folder where you want the converted files to be delivered.
  6. Select a File Type for the converted output files. Select TIFF (single or multi-page), PDF (Normal or Searchable - including different standards such as PDF/E, PDF/UA, PDF/X and PDF/A levels), or Unicode Text.
  7. Optionally click Settings and modify default parameters, such as how to handle image-only pages using OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
  8. For saving to PDF, in the Compatible with list, click the desired PDF (PDF, PDF/A, PDF/X, PDF/UA, PDF/E) substandard, or click PDFAs Is to use the format of the source file. Then click the smaller Settings button, if applicable, to select a Color profile. For details on different PDF standards, see About PDF versions.
  9. Optionally select the Optimize for Web Viewing check box to produce a linearized PDF, which is suited for online reading. For details on different PDF standards, see About PDF versions.
  10. Optionally select the Remove tags check box to eliminate original tags found in the source documents. This check box is available only when PDF or Searchable PDF is selected in the File Type list, and PDF As Is is selected in the Compatible with list.
  11. Optionally select the Convert to gray check box to turn the output into black and white.
  12. Optionally select the check box Use Workflow and browse for a workflow file. See below.
  13. Specify how to handle finished source files after conversion:
    1. Keep: Preserve source files in the watched folder.
    2. Delete: Delete source files from the watched folder.
    3. Move to folder: Move sources files to a folder your browse to locate.
    4. Auto Clear Results: Automatically clear the file list from the Watch and Convert dialog box task view.
  14. Select CPU Options to control CPU workload. Set Limit Worker Process Count to 1 for sequential processing, or set to a greater number for parallel task processing (a higher value corresponds to a higher CPU load). The maximum value is adjusted to your hardware capabilities. When conversions from other file types are performed, the process count may not be more than two.
  15. Confirm Watched Folder setup by clicking OK. Using a workflow means applying a defined set of actions to all incoming files. The check box becomes active only when at least one workflow has been created. This process is automated, so all steps in the workflow requiring interaction are not performed.