Manage bookmarks and named destinations

You can use bookmarks to mark places of interest, or create an easily viewable structure for your PDF.

Create bookmarks

  1. Click the New Bookmark tool (New Bookmark icon) at the top of the Bookmarks panel.
  2. Give it a unique name.
  3. Repeat the process to create a set of bookmarks.

Import bookmarks

  1. Set bookmarks to be transferred from Word documents during PDF creation.
  2. Set bookmarks to be auto-generated when creating a single PDF file from multiple input documents; each input file name becomes a bookmark.
  3. Set bookmarks to be auto-generated when creating a PDF from PowerPoint (one per slide) or when an entire workbook in Excel is the PDF source (one bookmark per sheet, using the sheet names).

Make a bookmark from PDF text

  1. Select a title or short text with the Select tool at the top of the Panel bar.
  2. Press Ctrl + B.

The Bookmarks panel opens and the selected text appears as a bookmark. If the Bookmarks panel is already open, the new bookmark appears below the current bookmark selection.

Set bookmark target destination

  1. Select the bookmark.
  2. Move to the target page in the current document or in any other opened PDF.
  3. Optionally mark a location on the page with the Select or Select Area tool.
  4. Set Destination icon Click the Set Destination button at the top of the panel or right-click the bookmark and select Set Destination.

Specify a named destination

  1. Display Destinations in the Navigation panel and name some destinations.
  2. Display the Bookmarks panel, right-click a bookmark and select Properties.
  3. The default action is Go to a page view.
  4. Click Edit and select Use Named Destination.
  5. Click Browse to select a destination, then click OK.

You can link other actions to a bookmark. See About Actions.

Delete a bookmark

  1. Delete Bookmark icon Select a bookmark and click the Delete Bookmark tool or right-click the bookmark and select Delete Bookmark(s) from the shortcut menu.

Note When you delete a bookmark within a multi-level structure, all of its lower level bookmarks are also deleted.

Customize bookmark appearance and behavior

  1. Select a bookmark.
  2. Options icon Select Properties from the Options tool menu or right-click a bookmark and select Properties.
  3. Set attributes such as text style and color in the Bookmark Properties panel.
  4. Set actions in the Actions panel. The default action is to go to a defined page, but you can select others. Multiple actions are possible and you can define action order.
  5. When done, click Close.

  • Bookmarks can be organized into a multi-level structure to reflect different level headings.

  • To set the current appearance as default, select this command from the Options drop-down list, or from the bookmark shortcut menu.

Create a second-level bookmark

  1. Create a top-level bookmark.
  2. Create a bookmark below it that you want to move to the second-level.
  3. Right-click this bookmark.
  4. Select Cut in the context menu.

    The cut bookmark does not disappear.

  5. Right-click the top-level bookmark.
  6. Select Paste under Selected Bookmark from the shortcut menu.
Select Paste after Selected Bookmark to place the cut bookmark at the same level in the hierarchy as the one above. Repeat this procedure to make a multi-level set of bookmarks.

To set general bookmark preferences, use the Preference command from under Options and select Highlight Current Bookmark, Hide After Use, Wrap Long Bookmarks, and Text Size.

Note You can create a Table of Contents from bookmarks.