About editing after conversion in Word

When starting from the File Open dialog box with the XPS/PDF file type, the Word documents cannot be named beforehand; they are displayed in Word with their original (PDF or XPS) names. You can edit these files without saving them first; however it is a good idea to save them with the Save As command, before large-scale editing. The source file remains locked to other users until the converted file is saved.

  • Do not click Save. This will cause the newly generated file to overwrite the original file. Always use Save As.

  • Do not click Close without saving a converted document. This will cause the newly generated file to be lost. In Word’s interpretation nothing has happened with the document and there seems to be no information to be lost. This way you can lose the result of a conversion that may have taken a long time to complete.

  • Do not click Close after modifying the file and then accept the offer to save the file to Word format. This will cause the newly generated file to overwrite the original file.

In all other cases, the Word document name is defined before converting, so you can edit and re-save the file freely.

PDF Convert is designed to replicate the original pages as closely as possible, keeping columns, titles, pictures and framed elements as they were. The program offers two ways of having this done: Flowing Columns and True Page. The latter places all page elements in text boxes or frames. The former removes boxes when possible, and uses column and paragraph breaks and margin settings to format the page.

If the converted page looks different, it may need only a small amount of editing to restore it to the original layout, for instance, by removing or adding column or paragraph breaks. Go to File > Options > Display to show and hide breaks, tabs and spaces.

We recommend switching the Show / Hide button at Home > Paragraph to ON, to see how the converted document layout is expressed. If you do not see this button, you may need to customize your ribbon.