Password-Protected PDF files

Power PDF and PDF Convert both respect security settings applied to PDF files. PDF files can be protected by passwords and security settings. Two of these settings are examined by the programs: Printing permitted or prohibited, and Copying Content permitted or prohibited.

Two types of passwords are in use:

  • Open password: Grants access to a file in accordance with its security settings.

  • Permissions password: Grants full access to a file regardless of security settings.

Program behavior

If you try to open a protected PDF file, a dialog box will prompt you to enter a password. Enter the password carefully because only one attempt is permitted.

The following table summarizes the program behavior when a protected PDF file should be converted and only the open password is given. This information is equally true for 40-bit, 128-bit and 256-bit encryption.





Message Document conversion when only open password given
No No Permissions password necessary Refused
No Yes Permissions password necessary Refused
Yes No Permissions password recommended The result, if any, contains image-only pages. See the note below the table.
Yes Yes Open password sufficient Processed using content information: editable text is generated. If the program uses the PDF content information, a faster and more accurate result can be achieved (as compared to OCR).

Note Handling of image-only pages depends on the state of the Image-only pages selection box under Processing options in the Standard, Legal, Spreadsheet and Form panels. The selection box provides the following choices:
  • Convert Page with OCR

  • Skip

  • Add to Document as Image