Embed 3D objects in your PDF

The program lets you embed 3D objects in your PDF files and edit them inside the container PDF. Basic editing and display options are also available. This can be useful if you work in the 3D/CG industry (for instance as a 3D modeler, artist, or animator); or if you are an architect/engineer needing to present work in a portable fashion (the creator 3D application does not have to be installed on target machines).

Note Power PDF supports the *.u3d file format partially, so it will work with some of the files while others will not load correctly. (U3D is a universal file format for 3D file content description.)

Important If a document with 3D objects is flattened, they become simple two-dimensional document objects.

Add 3D files to your PDFs using the 3D Tool

3d icon

  1. Click Edit > Insert > 3D tool.
  2. Select an area on the page for the insertion of the 3D object.
  3. Browse to the u3d file you want to embed and select it.
  4. Click Open.

Make measurements of 3D objects

3D Measure icon
  1. Click the 3D Measurement tool in the 3D toolbar to measure vertex distance, edges, angles and several more 3D dimensions.

    This will display a dialog box with three tabs:

    • View – Specify measurement type: Ruler, Distance, Radius, Angle or Auto.

    • Markup – Add markup text to specific measured dimensions.

    • Tool Settings – Set measurement units and snapping.

We provide other tools for measuring 2D objects and pictures.

For more information, see Working with Embedded 3D objects.