Custom setup

During the product installation setup, you can access the Custom Setup screen to specify which features to install or remove. Click the expand (+) or collapse (-) icons to open or close a set of related features. Use the following buttons to selectively add or remove features from the installation setup:

  • Add feature button Add the feature to the custom setup.

  • Add all subfeatures button Add all subfeatures within the feature group to the setup.

  • Remove all features button Remove the feature from the setup.

Changes are applied when the InstallShield Wizard processing is finished.

On the Custom Setup screen, you can update the setup for the following feature sets:

  • Language Support: Add or remove language packs to use a localized version of Power PDF.

  • Specialized document processing: Optionally remove a range of document processing features that are installed by default.

  • Integration: Add or remove integration of Power PDF with other programs such as Microsoft Office applications or Internet browsers. By default, most programs listed are enabled, provided they are installed on your computer. Only Windows Desktop Search Support is deselected by default.

  • Connectors: Add or remove the cloud and DMS connectors listed in the Connectors group. This option supports the ability to open, convert or update PDF files from cloud-based storage and Document Management Systems (DMS) and then return the files to their original locations. For details on cloud and DMS support, see the integration notes.

  • PDF Convert: Optionally remove Convert Assistant (installed by default), which supports the ability to unlock PDF/XPS files.

  • Collect Usage Data: Add the ability to collect data about your Power PDF usage. No personal data or files are collected.

Note Power PDF setup does not install any speech languages. To manage languages in Windows 10, select Settings > Time & Language > Language.

Important integration notes

Integrations with Microsoft Office applications or similar can be modified within Power PDF, as described earlier. Integrations with cloud connectors and DMS function as follows:

  • In Power PDF Standard with a Typical setup, the connectors for Evernote and OneDrive are installed and available in the Connectors tab. In a Custom setup, the Evernote and OneDrive connectors can be deselected. DMS support is not supported in Power PDF Standard.

  • In Power PDF Advanced with a Typical setup, no connectors are installed by default. With a Custom setup, all connectors are deselected by default. To install these integrations, you must perform a Custom setup, open the Connectors group, and select the cloud connectors and DMS integrations you need. To change the selections after installation, do the following to access the Custom Setup screen:

    1. Start the Windows Control Panel.

    2. Select Programs > Uninstall a program.

    3. In the Programs and Features window, right-click Kofax Power PDF or Kofax Power PDF Advanced, and then select Change in the context menu.

      The InstallShield Wizard appears.

    4. In the InstallShield Wizard, on the Program Maintenance page, click Modify / Repair to proceed to the Custom Setup screen.

    5. On the Custom Setup screen, update your selections as explained above, and click Next to continue.

    6. When prompted, click Finish to close the InstallShield Wizard.